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Care Plus

Over 25 years of knowledge and experience
As Tropicare professionals, we have years of experience in the field of safe and healthy travels. We share our knowledge with everyone who needs it. In addition, we have been developing effective and responsible products and aids for your health with great care and dedication for more than 25 years. For use at home or while traveling. Care Plus® is the Tropicare product range, the specialist in the field of healthy and safe travel since 1992. With a Care Plus® product, you are choosing the best for your health and you will be well prepared for your travels!

Expert in healthy and safe travels
Care Plus® products protect travelers, athletes and outdoor lovers against stinging insects, bad hygienic situations, the sun and contaminated drinking water. Our impregnated travel mosquito nets and socks, the Care Plus® DEET products and the tick test have been awarded by international expert juries. Our first aid kits are compiled with care and in collaboration with tropical doctors. They are a solution to providing first aid in the event of the most common accidents, at home or while traveling. Our products are available in over 26 countries, online, at pharmacies and at outdoor sports specialists.

Innovative and socially responsible
We are pioneers in our field of expertise and are groundbreaking and innovative. But we always start from our main goal: optimally respond to the needs of the traveller. In addition, Tropicare works to rid the world of malaria. We want to achieve this by 2030. With our ‘Buy one, give one’ program we are working on a malaria-free world. With every purchase of a Care Plus® product you really contribute to a malaria-free world.

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