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Anar was born in Finland out of a burning love of nature

A group of Finnish outdoor enthusiasts – hunters, fishermen and hikers – wanted products that were suitable for Finnish conditions and tailored just for them, at a reasonable price. The group shared a burning passion for nature, especially Finnish Lapland. Lake Inari and its surroundings were a huge source of inspiration – and it was there that the name for the products was conceived.

Anar is the Sámi name for Lake Inari. With the reindeer on its logos, the Anar trademark highlights Lapland. At first, the products mainly consisted of tents and backpacks, as well as items needed for outdoor activities. The samples of the first products were made by amateurs, without professional expertise but with a burning passion. The products worked and were discovered and embraced by outdoor enthusiasts.

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Lippikset, pipot, kaulurit, sormikkaat, käsineet, vyöt, henkselit, kypärähuput,
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Puukot, kirveet, monitoimityökalut, avauspuukot, taittoveitset, sakset, sahat, fileerausve...