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Dovrefjell Classic merino wool polo shirt

Dovrefjell merinovillapoolo edestä

Dovrefjell kokotaulukko unisex

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Descrizione del prodotto

Collar with zipper, zippered chest pocket, long hem, Raglan sleeves

The details of the polo have been designed with even the harshest conditions in mind. Zippered collar, zippered chest pocket for the most important items, long hem so that places are not revealed when squatting. The Raglan sleeve design avoids shoulder seams. Straight cuffs ensure a free and comfortable feel on the sleeves.
Color soft gray with turquoise seams.

Dovrefjell Classic Merino wool underwear are unisex models, so they are suitable for men and women. Nordic sizing. Shade gray, seams turquoise blue. Strength 185 g and material 100% merino wool, which removes and eliminates odor.

Natural product, 100% merino wool

Merino wool removes moisture from the skin, keeps you warm and breathes perfectly. That’s why leading brands use it in demanding conditions. Merino wool feels soft against the skin and also works for those for whom normal wool causes itching. Merino wool does not itch, sweat and keeps your skin and feeling dry. Merino wool is an antibacterial product, so it also neutralizes and eliminates the smell of sweat, for example!

For year-round use

The Dovrefjell Classic Merino wool underwear can be worn all year round. Merino wool trasfers moisture away from the skin and keeps you dry regardless of the season. Even if you sweat your clothes wet, you will still stay warm!


Merino wool underwear is suitable for everyday life, outdoor and sports, as well as outdoor work. Merino wool underwear also works well in demanding conditions.


A Unisex model that is suitable for men as well as women. To ensure maximum warmth, the trousers do not have a fly opening. The sizing has taken into account that it can fit for everyone, regardless of gender.

Material strength 185 g

Because of the material strength, the outfits go easily under a civilian suit as well. The material of the underwear is nicely “slippery” and smooth, so this long-sleeved shirt is comfortable to wear even under a collared shirt.

Maintenance and Washing Instructions

- Wash only when necessary, usually airing is enoug
- For washing we recommend GRANGERS MERINO WASH
- Gentle wash, water max + 40 ° C
- Do not use bleach
- Do not use fabric softener!
- Do not use the dryer!
- No dry-cleaning!
- Do not iron!

Dovrefjell merino wool products are 100% mulesing-free.


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