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Skinners Sock Shoes

Skinners Sock Shoes

Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes

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Taking barefooting to the next level, Skinners sock shoes are revolutionizing the shoe and sock industry. Skinners are like a second skin providing protection while allowing your feet and toes to move freely, as if you were walking barefoot. The very thin sole of Skinners protects your feet from sticks and stones on trails but also provides an excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces both outdoors and indoors. The benefits of barefooting are becoming increasingly well-known and recognized, which is seen in the rising number of people going barefoot. Barefoot walking has beneficial effects on our well-being as our feet get to do the job they were meant to do. Barefooting not only trains the small muscles on our feet but can also help heal and prevent foot and leg aches. Sock-like barefoot shoes are equally well fit for walking, running, swimming, the gym, use at the office, or as camp shoes for hiking and trekking.

High-quality Materials Provide Comfort and Durability

Skinners materials make them extremely durable, breathable, as well as non-slippery. The rubberlike consistency of the sole will not only prevent you from slipping but will also keep your feet dry. The sole is made of high-quality Swedish phthalate-free double layer polymer which is up to 2 mm thick and will last for hundreds of kilometres (depending on where you use them). The soft sole does not leave any marks on the floor either.

The 3-layer knitted upper part of the sock shoe is a blend of natural and artificial fibres. It provides breathability and moisture-wicking, as well as a great fit with comfort. Silver thread in the knit makes Skinners hygienic. Because no adhesives have been used in the making of Skinners, they are completely machine washable and are therefore a great choice for almost any activity.

For Everyone from Trail Runners to Office Workers

Skinners can be worn in the summer as well as in winter, both indoors and outdoors. In the summer you can enjoy the freedom of not having to wear shoes outside. Skinners sock shoes do not need a sock underneath, thanks to the seam free, anti-abrasive knit. The sole will not only protect but also provide insulation on cold and hot surfaces while the knitted upper provides ventilation. Skinners can be used for example for trail running, walking in the woods, as camp shoes when hiking, or as swim shoes while on holiday. The good grip of the sole also makes them extremely well-suited for water sports, such as surfing or stand up paddleboarding.

In the winter some hardcore users still wear Skinners outdoors, while others find them especially good as working footwear at the office, or as workout footwear in gym, yoga, or pilates. The distinctive features of Skinners include their versatility as well as small size and weight (only about 100 grams) which makes it easy to take them with you anywhere you go. You can roll the Skinners up and put them in the carry-on bag that is included in the package. And that is how easily you can enjoy the benefits of barefooting at work as well as on your free time.

The Benefits of Barefooting

More and more people are talking about the benefits of barefoot walking and exercise. Both experts and active users have noted how using barefoot footwear can help with foot problems by allowing our feet to get the exercise they have been deprived of as we have gotten accustomed to using shoes with thick soles and heavy cushioning. The small muscles in our feet strengthen and nerve endings are stimulated when walking in barefoot shoes. The thin sole allows our feet to experience the ground they walk on in an entirely different way. Our toes are working harder to provide balance, while the built-in cushioning in our feet is activated.

With Skinners, there are no limits to where you can go barefoot – indoors, outdoors, to work or leisure activities – it’s up to you.

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SKINNERS 2.0 - Ultraportable footwear for sports and travels

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