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HUOMIO Reflective Moomin Backpack 15L

HUOMIO Reflective Moomin Backpack 15L

HUOMIO Reflective Moomin Backpack 15L
HUOMIO Reflective Moomin Backpack 15L
HUOMIO Reflective Moomin Backpack 15L

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Descrizione del prodotto

The Moomin Dad and the Sea-themed backpack is suitable for both adults and children due to its style. In addition to the sporty look, the backpack is also safe in the dark: it has reflective fabric on the front, back and on the sides, so this backpack is guarantees you to be visible in every direction.


The size of the backpack is 15 liters and even heavier items travel comfortably thanks to the shoulder strap pads and a large adjustment margin.

Thanks to the design, the reflectors in this backpack do not catch the eye during the day, but in the dark, the backpack shines as strongly as a safety vest. The material of the reflective backpack meets the EU standard EN 471 (visible work clothes). Because this type of accessory is not usually tested like loose reflectors, the Moomin backpack has been tested in the same way as workwear.

The reflection features of a Moomin backpack are easy to compare with a practical example: the safety vest must have a reflectivity number of at least 250 and this backpack has a reflectivity number of 340 to 388 depending on the direction from which the backpack is viewed. So the Moomin backpack is highly reflective and visible from a far!

La dimensione approssimativa dell'imballo o le dimensioni della confezione del prodotto sono 320 x 630 x 110 mm.

0.46 kg (Include il peso dell'eventuale imballaggio)

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